MICHAEL DIFAZIO Antique - Door Coffee Table


Wonderfully Crafted by our friends at Michael Difazio's Reclaim Artistry; 

Every Salvage and every Deconstruction we are reclaiming 10+ doors that would normally get thrown away, and never seen again. 

Reclaim Artistry present's the Door-coffee Table...and as you might have guessed, it's a mix between a door and a coffee table.


Each door is slightly different (of course) but we reclaim doors left and right so we have plenty of styles.  Each door can be painted or stained to any color and sized to any size you'd like!

Before or after you place your order online, Just call us or text us and let us know how you want it.


This is a unique feature to have in any home or office and this coffee table will sure to turn heads.

Of course like all of our product, each Door-coffee table is stamped with an address stamp of origin.  Example: 3489 Grand Blvd. Detroit, Mi will be laser branded into the piece.


If you have questions contact us via phone or in the text message box below!


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