Spool Coffee


The Spindle Coffee comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on the craftswork and assembily; anything goes wrong with this we will fix at no cost to you.  Send it back to us, we fix, and send back to you.

Each piece is 18" tall on the surface.  

Strong steel piping legs and a beautiful Reclaimed Spindle top, enchanced by craftsmanship for granular patterns and beauty of the reclaimed lumber. 

diameter of table (if you cut the circle in half) = 18" , 24", 33",


    in order to procure your Lifetime Guarantee needs, we ask that you email us pictures of your product for our team to review if this Lifetime Gaurantee meets basic reasonable standard.

    Reasons why it wouldn't be;  Minor cuts or scrapes in the surface of the wood;  design alteration with paint, or other stains over the original natural seal we apply;  Leg design alteration in anyway;  obvious signs of human made damage.


    Reasons for the LIFETIME GUARANTEE;  screws go missing in the base;  the design of the piece is defected;  Lumber pieces seem to be coming dislodged;  Legging pieces are becoming loose;  anyother consern we will field your email.  


    Reclaim Shoppe is a Design Detroit, llc company and you can reach the main office at DesignDetroit@outlook.com with pictures included.  

    We make it our mission to insure our customer is satisfied, and we believe that with our products, you won't need to utilize this assurance, the lifetime guarantee, but if ever needed, as a company we promise to bring that additional value to you, everytime.  As a thank you for buying from ReclaimShoppe.com    

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