Grand Trunk Shelving


A natural finish on structural support beams, includes all the cool salvage features like old nail-hole mineral deposits in the wood. 

This shelving style is always going to come out looking incredible, haven't been unhappy yet!

Each-time a shelf is made for a customer there is a beautiful artistic quality to the grain patterns.  These qualities are hand selected by a single craftsman, finished by that same craftsman.  This extra effort is insuring proper care goes into each shelf, so the ReclaimShoppe can give you a lifetime guarantee on each shelving order.


Please include Linear Feet (Lenght) in the quantity section.  Select a Depth you want against the wall in the Options to the right.

Comes with basic wall-shelf mounting system.    

  • LifeTime Promise

    We Promise here at the ReclaimShoppe that the shelving units we create, are made from the top stocks of reclaim lumber in the warehouses, that if anything splits, cracks, or seperates either through the plank itself or if a bond was created with two or more boards for a wider shelf and that splits for whatever reason, ReclaimShoppe will repair this issue at no cost and ship back to you at no cost.  

    We request that you ship the product back to us to 5110 Bellevue Ave.   

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