Make Something.  From Nothing.

Business Located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  

CJ is a Salvage and Architectural warehouse, providing deconstruction services in the metro Pittsburg area.  CJ has an impressive supply of website deals for the Online Salvager. 

Business Located in Detroit, Michigan.

ASWDetroit provides Deconstruction and Salvaging services for Detroit and Metro Detroit.  ASWDetroit has multiple warehouses around the city stacked with Urban housing Lumber, Brick, Tin Ceiling, Appliances and more.  

Business Located in Waterford, Michigan.

Reclaimed Michigan is a for profit Salvage operation that primarily focuses on Salvaging old Michigan Barns.  This is a hub for Barn Wood, Furniture, and Custom creations.  Logs, License Plates, and Industrial Pulleys, you never know what they'll find. 

Business Located in Washington, DC.  

A huge amount of opportunity has been made possible for the community of Washington DC because of Community Forklift and their Reuse efforts.  A leading community since 2005.

Business Located in Chicago, Illinois.  

The Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago is one of the larger warehouses in the country with a bounty of materials from Windows to Architectural décor features.

Business Located in Portland, Oregon.  

Portland's leading Salvaging crew and Deconstruction services.  The Center hosts a square block of building materials.

Business Located in Oakland, California.  

The Reuse People - with 19 different locations around the country, The Reuse People is a huge network of salvaged material and Architectural Features.  Since 1993

Looking for something Specific? 

We'll search all major cities to find the materials or product you are looking for.  Inquire Below:

Brick + Board 

Business Located in Baltimore, Maryland.

B+B is the retail end of the Details Deconstruction crews in the historic city of Baltimore.  Find bricks, 2x4s, Wall treatments and 200+ year old hard wood flooring.  Get access to the materials here.  A Humanim Social Enterprise.


Business Located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Details is the one of the primary Deconstruction efforts happening in the city of Baltimore.  It's through deconstruction that we can place people back to work and improve our neighborhoods together.  A Humanim Social Enterprise.

Business Located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Second Chance is a non-profit focusing on the Salvaging and Deconstruction of Buildings around Baltimore.  The online selection for unique items salvaged in one of America's most historic cities is one an Online Salvager needs to check out. 

Business Located in St. Louis Missouri.

Deconstruction to Refabrication

Training and employment opportunities through the sustainable practices of deconstruction, refabrication, and resale.

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